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ArterNet Art (ANA) — Online Art Gallery —

Our research has uncovered a trend that says — this next generation of artists has a strong interest in taking things into their own hands these days.

They don’t just create and place their artwork online — they get out there and they’re running the ship as well.

If you’re one of these types, then this might come as welcome news for you- ArterNet Art is building a platform where artists can share ideas, collaborate, and succeed together and already they are in stage two of development and are now open to the informed artist.

We are revolutionary and are promoting ourselves as being more than just an online art gallery, due to the very nature of ​our relationship between the artist and ANA Online Art Gallery. This is the partnership many independent artists have been seeking.

Part of that partnership is to build a business to business relationship and the challenge here is for artists themselves to accept that concept in their own minds; e.g. artists could say: “I’m a professional artist in my studio — and I’m in partnership with an online art gallery — ANA — and together we’re trying to achieve the same thing!” As opposed to what often happens, where one feels like the gallery is the parent and the artist the child — a sort of a parent/child psychology going on, where the artist feels like the gallery is the boss!


So the idea would be for the artist to have a mental shift about ArterNet Art to something like:

“this is a business to business partnership and we’re all in this together at the same level! We’re both in this to achieve the same goal”.

If the artist is aligned to the same thought processes, then both are going to gain more value.

Not all artists want this type of concept and there are some who are quite happy to set and forget their artwork online, but for those artists who want the excitement of being hands on and believe they could be more professional, then go to our website

Here’s what we won’t do:

• We won’t charge a commission on your art sales made through our platform!

• We won’t ask you to discount your artwork!

• We won’t ask you to accept low offers!

• We won’t ask you to ship your artwork for free!

Stage Two is NOW OPEN to start your own art gallery! No applications needed…start NOW…

Did you know that for around a dollar per day -

you can have your OWN online art gallery -

where you won’t pay any commission on your art sales!

Become a member of ANA today!

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